“What would happen if one woman spoke the truth about her life? The world would split open?”

―Muriel Rukeyser

I facilitate AWA writing workshops for one simple reason- I believe that writing can save lives.

It saved mine, not just once, but many times, the first when I was twelve years old. Already a survivor of severe sexual trauma, I took an overdose of pills that should have killed me.

At the time I lived in a convent boarding school, in a setting so devoid of permission to emote or speak one’s feelings, that I found myself bereft of any hope of ever being seen or heard in my truth.

When I awoke from the overdose, no one spoke of my reasons for doing such a thing.

No one asked a single question. The nuns didn’t send for my parents, nor did my parents write or call to ask how I was doing. Indeed, it seemed like it had never happened.

My only proof that I had tried to take my own life was that I was sent to a priest to confess my mortal sin that I might promise to God to never again do such a terrible thing.

I turned to the only thing my mind would allow in, the words of a song that I loved, Bright Eyes.

The song contained permission to speak of one’s pain; I began to write out the lyrics, again and again, filling page upon page as though these words were my own.

This physical practice of moving a pen across the page with such singular purpose, this was enough to write my twelve year old spirit back into my body.

This is the power of writing, that we need not even write our own words to save a life. We can simply slipstream the words of others till our own words begin to appear in their stead.

This is why I facilitate AWA Writing Workshops, so that we can write ourselves back into the body and soul of our singularly precious and purposeful lives.



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